Team Building in EscapArte

Team Building in EscapArte

Team Building is the term used in the business world to define the set of activities that aims at optimising interpersonal relationships within a group.

Nowadays it has become an essential activity for the development of work in any type of company, since it improves the performance, the work environment, the corporate culture and increases the motivation and loyalty of the employees.

Modern organisations value teamwork positively because, in addition to providing better results, it encourages commitment to the company, which generates positive effects both in the organisation and the employees.

During the last years the importance of escape rooms has been highlighted among experts in team building. Why is it? Just keep reading.

An escape room is a fun learning activity, attractive and different, in which group cohesion, communication and mutual support are essential for overcoming problems and challenges and achieving a common goal.

In the different types of tests, logic and wit are needed to link ideas, which encourages creativity and the engagement of the whole team. By having a limited time, organisational skills, coordination and effectiveness are also promoted.

Most challenges are designed so that a person can not solve them on their own. You need to split the tasks, which tests the team dynamics and the roles that each of the participants take. That way, the development of skills directly related to teamwork such as leadership, negotiation and consensus is fostered.

Whoever believes that an escape room is just a game, is definitely wrong. It is an unforgettable adventure and an exciting challenge, which entertains us and helps us to achieve more and better relationships with our colleagues, bonding with them.

For one hour players share a goal for which they have to cooperate, taking advantage of the strengths and compensating the weaknesses of each member of the group. In escape rooms, it is not the smartest groups who win, but rather those that work best as a team.

Finally, finishing the generates a state of euphoria and a feeling of success and victory that is shared with the whole team. In case of not overcoming the challenge, players learn to see their mistakes in a clear way and rethink their way of acting.

For all these reasons, in EscapArte we are very proud of championing the practice of team building and continue working to improve the experience of those who rely on us every day.

Now that the Christmas holidays are closer, it’s time to leave the office and what’s better than an escape room for that? We can guarantee, after this experience, the company will notice that:

  • Employees know their colleagues better, their ways of thinking and acting.
  • Interpersonal relationships improve and strengthen.
  • The feeling of self-confidence and integration in the group increases amongst the employees.
  • Teamwork becomes the natural way of working.
  • Ideas flow and decision making becomes easier.
  • The level of commitment to the company increases naturally.
  • Stress is reduced in a relaxed and nice environment.

So if you are a manager, director or, whatever your position, you are in charge of organising a team activity to celebrate Christmas, consider more than the typical business dinners. Take them to an escape room. Bring them to EscapArte.

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