About the Game

How many people can play?

Our rooms are available for 2 to 6 players. However, we believe the ideal team would be 4 or 5 players, since that size allow better communication and coordination.

Is it scary?

In our rooms there are no frights or blood or any other element meant to be scary. There might be some moments in which the rooms can get a bit dark, so please let us know if that could be a problem and we will provide more light.

Can pregnant women play?

Yes, there is nothing in our games that might be a problem for pregnant women.

Can people with limited mobility play?

Unfortunately the layout of part of the rooms doesn’t allow accessing with wheelchairs. However, in this case or other similar cases please call us  (+34) 640 84 97 17 and we will try to make sure everybody can enjoy the game.

Which languages are available?

The games can be played in English, Catalan and Spanish. Most of the tasks and puzzles do not require linguistic knowledge, however we can only give hints in these 3 languages so at least one player per group should speak one of the languages fluently.

What happens if you get stuck or if you don’t manage to escape?

If you get stuck you can requests hints that will help you moving on. According to the difficulty level of your choice, the gamemaster might give you additional hints to guide you through the game. If you don’t manage to escape, it’s ok. The door will open and we will meet you to discuss the game, receive your feedback and answer to any questions you may have.

Can children play?

Children can play as long as they are over 7 years old, and we believe our room Wild West Quest is one of the best in Costa Brava for kids to enjoy. However, if there are any players in a team younger than 16, we will require an adult to be part of the team as well. We have established the minimum age of 7 because we consider kids over that age can participate better in the game. However we can make exceptions in some cases. Please call us (+34) 640 84 97 17 so we can talk about it.

What are the rules of the game?

The most important rule is that using brute force is completely unnecessary, so is lugging furniture or disassembling furniture or other objects. It’s also important to respect the distinction between things that are part of the game and things that don’t, which is properly indicated in the room. Before the game starts, the gamemaster will explain all the rules and will reply to any questions you may have.

About the Booking

How to book a room?

In order to book a room you just need to go to Reservations, choose a day and a time in which the room is available, then choose your team size, difficulty level and language. Finally, please fill in your contact information and choose if youi want to pay online or right before you start playing. If in doubt, please call (+34)640 84 97 17 and we will help you.

What happens if you come early or late?

It is very important to be on time and that the whole team is ready at the exact time of your booking. If you come early, we might be debriefing the previous team or resetting the room for you, so we will not be able to be with you. And if you are late, we might not be able to let you play for the whole 60 minutes, since there might be another team playing right after you. After 15 minutes late we might even have to cancel your booking.  However, if for any reason you are late, please let us know as soon as possible (+34)640 84 97 17 and we will discuss the options available.

Can a booking be cancelled?

Cancelling a booking is very disruptive for an Escape Room, so unfortunately we will not cancel and refund any bookings. However, if yo have booked a game and you can't make it for any reason, please call us (+34)640 84 97 17 and we will try to reschedule your game.

What payment methods are available?

Through the payment platform Stripe, payments are available with both credit or debit cards. If you have chosen to pay at arrival, you can do it with cash or credit or debit card.