Escaping is easy if you know how

Escaping is easy if you know how

The title is probably not the most accurate (I dream big XD).

Most of the time escaping will not be easy and that’s the whole point. However, people who have played several rooms acquire a series of skills that help them focus on what is important and omit everything that is only going to make them waste their time.

With the aim of helping you get the best out of yourselves and your teams, here are the key tips to overcome any room, or at least enjoy it to the fullest:


Many times, we enter a room, we find a first puzzle and we get stuck, trying to solve it at all costs, when perhaps we do not even have all the necessary pieces yet.

The first thing to do in a game is to open everything that can be opened without contravening the rules or redecorating the room. Take all the objects that are reachable and put them in the same place to be able to relate them and establish patterns of what goes with what and how.

It is also important to have in mind what is being asked at any given time: how many locks -or similar- are there? What kind of locks are they? What puzzles do we have available at each precise moment? When we establish what our goals are, our brains gather the pieces better and are more efficient.


Maybe it’s the best advice I can give you.

Solving puzzles on our own is fun and can make us feel very good, but an Escape Room is first and foremost a team game and to play as a team there is nothing more important than sharing with others all the information we have.

By saying things out loud we remember them better, we can help others with what they are doing and vice versa, other players will remember what you said when you are already concentrated on something else so that information is not lost along the way and, above all, it is precisely the good communication that fosters the cooperative spirit, which is one of the most beautiful and memorable elements of every escape game.

If you find something, say it. If you have an idea about how to solve a test, express yourself. Although it may seem crazy, sometimes crazy brainstorming can give us the solution.


It is a logical derivation of the previous one, but it is worth emphasizing it.

Sometimes the immersion in the game is so high that we can tend to ignore others or not give enough importance to what they are telling us.

Listen to what your teammates say and invite them to try their ideas and suggestions. After all, if the idea works that’s great, and if it doesn’t by discarding it you will have more information with which to continue advancing.


As I said above, it is very important to know what we have and what we have to do at all times.

Unless the game is poorly designed, which can happen but is not usual, for each test there is a logical sequence to follow and all the pieces are or will be available at some point, so do not waste your time in puzzles that are incomplete or in opening padlocks without having the complete combination.

Always be aware of the elements that are still in use in the game and which ones can be discarded, especially in rooms where each element has a single use, which are the majority. And once separated, keep what’s useful and think how you can logically connect it with your goals.


Every game is a challenge and every challenge requires effort and time to overcome, so take your time when you consider it appropriate.

However, sometimes we get stuck and we just can’t move forward, which can be incredibly frustrating. In this situation, we can do several things: asking for help from other team members, trying another puzzle for a while or requesting a clue.

Any solution is a good solution, so do not be afraid to ask for help when you need it.


Oddly enough, escaping is not the main goal in an Escape Room.

When you remember the experience, you can describe some of the puzzles, some of the things you did … but what you will remember best will be the good times that you and your team went through: the laughter, the excitement, the great moments that happen in the game.

Do not stress about time or pressure. Live the adventure to the fullest, immerse yourself in the story and the theme and make others have as much fun as possible too. That will be your greatest achievement!


If after reading these tips you’re willing to try them out please come and play our room. If someone tells me that they have been encouraged to try it thanks to this blog, that would make me extremely happy. If you have already played our room and want to try a new one, please let me know and I will send you my personal recommendations.

Thank you and see you soon!

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