Etiquetas: bolígrafo, plumas de tinta conjunto, fuente de la tinta de la pluma, pluma estilográfica moonman, bolsa para lápices, montblanc francia, jinaho pluma estilográfica, pluma de tinta, lápiz, N.º 6359 ala cantado.

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  • La Escritura De Punto: 0.5 mm
  • Pluma estilográfica con la Punta de Material: Otros Metales
  • Punta Tipo: Tipo Estándar
  • Material: Resina
  • Nib Material: De Acero Inoxidable
  • Embalaje: Suelto
  • Número De Modelo: moonman
  • Aplicación Especial: Escrito
  • Nombre De La Marca: MONTE EL MONTE

John Ryan 023
fast shipping and nice quality thanks.
Very secure packaging, product came in perfect condition including the box. I appreciate this. This is a very good-looking pen with an original design. It's made to be used as an eyedropper, with a conveniently placed o-ring on the threaded section that makes the ink reservoir perfectly sealed. It has a cylindrical shape, with an almost-invisible flat section that prevent it to roll anywhere when laying down. A neat design.
Clifford 0
pen took a while to arrive but it's exactly as pictured, very well wrapped, and beautiful and i love it.
Very nice design, with a few nib settings going pretty well.

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